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Little Bookmark Box

store and organize your bookmarks

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Apple Staff Pick & Featured Download, 2010
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Install Browser Extension or Bookmarklet
to easily bookmark the page you are viewing with a single click

Little Bookmark Box is available on the Mac App Store

Bookmark Manager for Mac OS X

Little Bookmark Box lets you easily store and manage interesting links while surfing in the World Wide Web. You have your bookmarks, saved and smartly organized, side by side with your browser.

Easily store interesting links while browsing the Internet.

Just drag a URL onto the menubar icon or simply click on the Browser Extension or Bookmarklet to create a bookmark in your Inbox. If you prefer to organize right now, simply drag the URLs in a specific box. When you add a bookmark, Little Bookmark Box will automatically check for duplicates to prevent bookmarking the same page multiple times.

Smart Boxes to automatically find and organize your bookmarks.

Smart Boxes lets you automatically find and group your bookmarks by certain criteria. For example, one smart box can grab all bookmarks created or visited today, while another gathers all bookmarks with a URL containing "youtube". All smart boxes are automatically updated if you add, change or remove bookmarks.


You can add tags (keywords) to classify your bookmarks. Tagged bookmarks can be found again by browsing, searching or filtering (Smart Boxes). You can use tags as an additional way to manage your bookmarks.

Support for bookmark services.

You can send your bookmarks, either automatically or manually, to Instapaper, Pocket or Pinboard for reading, everywhere you are.

Browser Extension or Bookmarklet.

One click and the page you are currently viewing will be bookmarked in your Little Bookmark Box app. Together with Smart Boxes, it is the fastest way to store and organize your bookmarks.

Your bookmarks, neatly arranged, in one place.

Do you have some bookmarks in browser "A", a few in browser "B", some on your Desktop or collected in folders? With Little Bookmark Box, your bookmarks are stored in one place, whether you want to save it just temporary for reading it later or to keep it.

Works unobtrusively, side by side with your browser.

Little Bookmark Box was designed to work besides your browser, so access or drag and drop your bookmarks is more comfortable. If you don't want to see the window all the time, Little Bookmark Box can automatically hide itself if another app is activated.

You can sort bookmarks within each box differently.

You can sort each box by different criteria. For example, your Inbox by date created and another box by the date of last visit etc. Little Bookmarks Box remembers the sorting order for each box.

Several ways to access and search your bookmarks quickly.

You can quickly browse and open selected bookmarks from the list or simply click on a box and use the bookmarks menu. Enter some text into the search field and the result will be displayed instantly. Or just use type-select to jump to a box or bookmark.

Editable bookmarks (title, url, note, tags).

Add a note or change the title of a bookmark to something more descriptive. See the date created, when you last and how often visited a link easily.

Remembers the app used to open a bookmark.

Sometimes, you might want to open a bookmark with a certain brower. Your Little Bookmark Box remembers the app selected to open a bookmark. So the next time, just click on the bookmark and you're done.

Other Features

  • iCloud Sync
  • Import (html) and Export (html, csv) of bookmarks.
  • Copy a shortened URL to the clipboard.
  • Send links via Apple Mail, Twitter, Messages.
  • Browse your bookmarked web pages using Quick Look, live (10.7 required).
  • Colorful or not - it is your decision. You can choose colored boxes, colored labels for your bookmarks and even select the window color.
  • ...and more...

The Little Bookmark Box simply rules in terms of being sortable and quickly accessible. When you start to get used to it, you are moving the cursor on the mouse around a lot less, and researching or producing much quicker.

(Source:, Article: "Home Office Productivity Boosters; 5 Apps that can put the ‘Can-Do’ Attitude in your Den")
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Browser Extension and Bookmarklet

Please click here to download the extension. Once the download has completed, double click on the extension named "LittleBookmarkBox.safariextz" found in your Download folder and confirm that you want to install. Your extension will now be installed and is ready for your use. You can confirm this in the extensions section of your Safari preferences.

Please note: The Safari Extension requires Safari 5.1.1 or later.

1. Please right-click (or ctrl-click) on the following links and choose "Save Link As..." to download the extension file and save it to your Mac.

2. Click the wrench icon on the Chrome browser toolbar (top-right in window) and select "Tools > Extensions" from the menu.

3. Locate the downloaded extension file on your computer and drag the file onto the Extensions page.

4. Review the list of permissions in the dialog that appears. If you would like to proceed, click "Add" to install the extension.

Please open this page in your Firefox browser, then click on the following links to download and install the Add to Inbox Extension or the Modify and Add Extension.

You can use the bookmarklets with any browser (e.g. Safari, Firefox or Chrome). Just drag this links: Add to Inbox Modify and Add to your bookmarks bar.

Then you can click on the "Add to Inbox" bookmarklet to quickly save a URL in your Inbox or "Modify and Add" if you want to select a certain Box, add a note or tags before adding the bookmark to your Little Bookmarks Box.

Installed Bookmarklets

If you are using Safari, you can also bookmark a page with a keyboard shortcut (CMD-<position of bookmarklet in bookmarks bar>), for example CMD-1 if the bookmarklet is at the leftmost position, as displayed above.

Release Notes