About Reviews and Ratings

Review Tracking Tool – about the difference between ratings and reviews:

If the user is rating your product (1-5 stars) without leaving a comment, it is purely a rating. If the user added a comment, it’s a review. Hence you can have a rating without a review, but not a review without a rating.

The Ratings View:

This view shows you all ratings, incl. those left as part of a review, as well as the summary. This is your overall rating. On the App Store you’ll need at least 5 ratings before they are shown. Review Tracking Tool  shows you every rating for the current version, however you’ll need at least 5 ratings for all versions.

Review Tracking Tool - Ratings View

The Reviews View:

This view shows you all reviews, as well as the rating summary of the reviews. You can use the menus directly above the summary to filter the reviews by product version, or country. Because the reviews are accumulated, it’s possible to see more than one review from the same user, e.g. when the user revised the review.

Review Tracking Tool - Reviews

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