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Here you can discover new movies with their details by frequently updated lists for Upcoming, Now Playing, Popular or Top Rated movies. In addition, you can easily search TMDb for movies. If you find a movie, you can add it to your favorites to share, or to be reminded at a particular time.

Discover Movies:
Movie Info:
  • Browse Upcoming, Now Playing, Popular, and the Top Rated movies
  • TMDb search for movies by title, person, or genre
  • Easy to find similar movies
  • View movie details such as release date, overview, cast, crew, poster
  • Watch Trailers available directly in the app
  • Discover more with links to TMDb, IMDb, iTunes and movie website
Your Favorites:
  • Add interesting movies to your favorites
  • Share movies with your friends
  • Create a reminder, do not forget to see it

In conclusion, Movie Searcher is a lightweight, handy and easy-to-use application that enables you to discover and share new movies, watch movie trailers and view the poster of your favorite movies.

(Source: Softpedia Editor's Review for Movie Searcher)
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Movie Searcher requires OS X 10.8 or later


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