Review Tracking Tool 1.1.2 Update

  • Fixes an issue where the progress view didn’t get closed.
  • Minor performance improvements when fetching new reviews.

The new version is available here: Review Tracking Tool Download

“There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third works.” – Alan J. Perlis

CustomMenu – Hidden Options for Developers

Show Hidden Files and Folders

As a developer, you might want to open and browse hidden files and folders with your CustomMenu, e.g. the Users Library folder, a .htaccess file etc.

To always have hidden files / folders visible,  launch Terminal and just copy and paste this string into the command line:

defaults write de.pointworks.CustomMenu ShowsHiddenFiles -bool YES

To hide the files / folders:

defaults write de.pointworks.CustomMenu ShowsHiddenFiles -bool NO

Show Package Contents

Similar to the functionality offered by the Finder, you can browse packages directly within your CustomMenu.

To enable this option, copy and paste this string into the Terminal command line, then restart CM:

defaults write de.pointworks.CustomMenu ShowPackageContent -bool YES

To disable:

defaults write de.pointworks.CustomMenu ShowPackageContent -bool NO

CAUTION: Manipulating hidden files or package contents can cause corruptions. Use with care, and at your own risk!