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Stand-alone Issue and Bug Tracker for Mac OS X

The intention of Simple Issue Tracker is to offer indie / solo developers a convenient, simple and efficient tool to organize and manage their product / project related issues, like bugs, features, tasks, name it.


The easy to use, intuitive and native user interface makes it a snap to manage and organize your projects, milestones, and issues.


Neither a network connection nor any complicated installations are required. You can simply use S.I.T. "out of the box".


Unlike many web-based services, there are no price plans or monthly fees. Just purchase and use it.

 Work Log

Easily capture the time spent resolving a particular issue. The overview shows you the total project time, separated by milestone and issue.


By customizing issue types and resolutions, or by using your own templates for issue descriptions, S.I.T. can be easily configured to suit your needs.


S.I.T. offers convenient, reliable synchronization via Dropbox, for keeping your entire Simple Issue Tracker library in sync across your Macs.

  • Issues can be easily organized by projects and milestones
  • Ability to attach files, like crash logs or screen shots
  • Customizable types, eg. "Bug", "Feature", "Task" etc.
  • Customizable resolutions, eg. "Fixed", "Not Reproducible"...
  • Free-form issue descriptions with customizable templates
  • Single point, flexible app for your development tasks
  • Visual indication of closed / open issues and priorities
  • Sort / search / filter the issue list for easy scanning
  • Everything can be synced easily via Dropbox across your Macs
  • Track the time you spend on every issue

Manage the issues that inevitably arise during software development, organize them into projects, synchronize data across multiple systems and more, with this useful tool.
Overall, Simple Issue Tracker is an efficient application that can be very useful for any software developer that needs a straightforward method of managing projects.

(Source: Softpedia Editor's Review for Simple Issue Tracker, Rating: 4 out of 5 stars)
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Simple Issue Tracker requires OS X 10.10 or later

Release Notes
How-to: Linking Issues

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