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access your favorite apps, files, and folders faster

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Quickly access your favorite apps, files, and folders

CustomMenu 3 lets you build your own global menu containing your favorite apps, files, and folders. Once created, you can easily open apps and files or browse folders and access their contents from any app with your CustomMenu.

CustomMenu - Customize Window Image

Easily create your custom menu by:

  1. 1. creating one or more groups
  2. 2. adding items to your group
  3. 3. done

Within your custom menu, you can:

  • click to open an app, file or folder
  • ⌘-click to show the app, file or folder in the Finder
  • browse and access folder contents
  • option to show hidden files and package contents
  • view file info (kind, size, created, modified, preview)
  • open a file once with a specific app

  • easily switch between running apps
  • quickly access items you have recently used
CustomMenu - Menu Example Image
CustomMenu 3 - File Info Image

File Info and Preview

Shows you the nitty-gritty details of a file and lets you open the file with a specific app.

Clear off a cluttered Dock

The typical macOS Dock contains running apps, often used apps, files, folders, and minimized windows.

By adding items to CustomMenu instead to your Dock, you can keep your Dock clean and clear but still have your favorites instantly and systemwide accessible.

this dock could be yours

OS X Dock Image

Quickly navigate through folders, browse its contents and open items.

CustomMenu 3 - Browse Folder Image
CustomMenu 3 - Recent Items Image

Recent Items Submenu
Remembers the items you've recently opened with your CustomMenu.

Application Switcher
Easily switch between running apps - even in full-screen mode.

CustomMenu 3 - Applications Switcher Image
CustomMenu 3 - Preferences - General Image

Always at your fingertips:

  • via the global menu
  • via customizable keyboard shortcut
  • at the current mouse location
  • available in full-screen mode
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