App Privacy Policy

This application doesn't collect, use, store, and share or disclose any information about the user or any other person.

Update checking, payment processing, and license management of this application is managed by Apple Inc. (Mac App Store).

Support Requests

When you send us a support request, we may ask for more information about your system in order to diagnose and fix the problem. We keep a record of support requests, but we do not use the information they contain for any purpose other than to help solve individual support issues. If you contact us by email, your email address is used only to respond to your request.

If you would like to remove support emails and informations you have sent, contact

Crash Logs

If a Mac app crashes, a log file is automatically created by the macOS. You may be given the option of sending the crash log to help us fix the issue that caused the crash. This crash log does not contain any of your personal information and will be used only to fix the issue.

Website Privacy Policy

We also offer a comprehensive website privacy policy here.

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